Hello World!! Happy to be back!

Yes, its’ me back again. I was away for a few months because of the holidays and not being able to get back into my Google blogspot blog, so I thought I’d try the free version of WordPress. It was time for a change anyway!

I’ve mostly been painting canvases lately, but I do other things like collage, playing in my art journal, and mosaics in between canvases. Below is a switchplate cover that I created recently:

Kitchen Switchplate Cover

The painting below was a gift for my brother-in-law, featuring his cats, Sunshine and Sport:


Next up will be a collage with the sweet couple next door’s recently deceased cat, Diamond–as a gift to them. I’ll post it when finished.

You can learn how to draw anything by practicing with a good drawing book (like I did) or, of course, taking an online or in-person class.

Next (I guess) it’s on to the human figure if I can do it half-decently. However, I like abstract, doodle, and zentangle art the best.

I hope to be able to post every week or two. Thanks so much for stopping by!




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