Fun Projects

Every now and then I get the urge to make something from pieces of stuff that I save rather than throw out, otherwise known as recycling or upcycling.

I used an old hand masher to make Ms. Potato Masher Head. Her head is made from one of my husband’s socks, hair made with yarn, and other items made with items that you can imagine just by seeing them. It was a silly, fun piece and she sits in my living room on top of a sound system speaker.


The clown’s head, hair, hands, and feet are made from painted air-dry clay; the body from wood pieces; and the rest from various pieces of stuff that I had handy. I can’t even remember the names of some of the things I used. Sorry about the blurry pic!


My 12-year-old neighbor and I made clothes for a couple of Barbies given to me by my niece. This one’s ensemble is created with cloth, gold tissue paper, Washi tape, and a couple of sequins.


So, you see, small or big projects can be made with things that a lot of people usually throw out!

All the best until next time,




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