The Latest – Reposted

Hi fellow bloggers and blog readers … I hope you are all happy and well, as I am.

As I said before, I’ve mostly been coloring in my fab coloring books for all ages: Colorama, Inspiring Zendalas, and Color Calm. Check them out. By the way, Barnes & Noble stores sell quite a few cool coloring books.

I like the coloring books that are perforated for tearing out the pages, and the ones that have the design/art printed only on one side of the paper. Though I might purchase one with designs on both sides if I really have to have it.

I like to put together different color combinations in the designs in the books. It’s fun to see how the page turns out. And I believe that coloring is practice for any kind of other art that I will do. I haven’t yet taken any pics of what I’ve colored, but I might do that.

Tip: If you’re using Sharpies or alcohol ink pens to do your coloring, put a piece of paper behind that page because these pens bleed through the page. You will see the cool designs that end up on the paper if you keep using the same paper for a number of your coloring pages. In fact, I’m using them as cutouts for collage and art journals.

Since I love rooster items, I put together this rooster puzzle, painted the parts, put the parts together with super glue, and gorilla glued it to a rock. Just do a web search if you want to order a rooster puzzle. I love these puzzles. I previously put together one for the art organization to which I belong, Artists of Yardley ( I hope you’ll check out AOY’s website!


And, I’ve had a small child of 4 coming over for a few hours each day. She says she wants to be a great artist. This is a pic of her playing with melted crayon art. We had fun doing it. We color for quiet time after the great-artist activities. She and her family are moving to Atlanta soon and I’ll miss them.


Another thing: I am currently repurposing a book and making it into a collage art journal. In it, I’m pasting the cutouts from magazines, my own designs, etc. that I have been collecting in a box for a couple of years. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show some pics in my next post.

Until next time, best to you, Deb 🙂



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