The Latest – Reposted

Hi fellow bloggers and blog readers … I hope you are all happy and well, as I am.

As I said before, I’ve mostly been coloring in my fab coloring books for all ages: Colorama, Inspiring Zendalas, and Color Calm. Check them out. By the way, Barnes & Noble stores sell quite a few cool coloring books.

I like the coloring books that are perforated for tearing out the pages, and the ones that have the design/art printed only on one side of the paper. Though I might purchase one with designs on both sides if I really have to have it.

I like to put together different color combinations in the designs in the books. It’s fun to see how the page turns out. And I believe that coloring is practice for any kind of other art that I will do. I haven’t yet taken any pics of what I’ve colored, but I might do that.

Tip: If you’re using Sharpies or alcohol ink pens to do your coloring, put a piece of paper behind that page because these pens bleed through the page. You will see the cool designs that end up on the paper if you keep using the same paper for a number of your coloring pages. In fact, I’m using them as cutouts for collage and art journals.

Since I love rooster items, I put together this rooster puzzle, painted the parts, put the parts together with super glue, and gorilla glued it to a rock. Just do a web search if you want to order a rooster puzzle. I love these puzzles. I previously put together one for the art organization to which I belong, Artists of Yardley ( I hope you’ll check out AOY’s website!


And, I’ve had a small child of 4 coming over for a few hours each day. She says she wants to be a great artist. This is a pic of her playing with melted crayon art. We had fun doing it. We color for quiet time after the great-artist activities. She and her family are moving to Atlanta soon and I’ll miss them.


Another thing: I am currently repurposing a book and making it into a collage art journal. In it, I’m pasting the cutouts from magazines, my own designs, etc. that I have been collecting in a box for a couple of years. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show some pics in my next post.

Until next time, best to you, Deb 🙂



Some Recent Activity

Here are some photos of my recent activities.

Here’s a pic of the rooster puzzle I put together (superglued the pieces for permanence) and glued onto a flat-topped rock with Gorilla Glue. I still have to put in turquoise eyes, but I have to find something that looks right to me. I put that color into a lot of my animal creations to honor my wonderful friend, Myriam, who made that beautiful addition to a rooster t-shirt that I painted. I love these rooster puzzles, which I got from eBay.

The other pics are of my wildflower garden this summer. Everything is gone now, but it really looked great for many months. This garden comes mostly from a great seed mix that I bought at Lowe’s.

IMG_0013  IMG_0673 IMG_0675 IMG_0681 IMG_0685 IMG_0686 IMG_0690

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


p.s. Re-posted to share publicly.

Photos from My Trip to Texas

I spent seven days in the Dallas suburbs with some of my dearest friends, the Veeramalla family, in their beautiful, new, huge home. I also met some of their wonderful neighbors.
When they lived next-door to me, we did art all the time and for many years.

Anyway, the kids and I (13, Namrata and 6, Govinda) each did a painting: a tree silhouette copied from the web (not to be used for commercial purposes, so thanks to the original artist!); an abstract (by Govinda); and a peacock feather by me, for the Namrata’s lovely bedroom, which is to be a peacock theme. Namrata asked me to take the sticker off my painting and I agree that it looks better without it! See below:


IMG_0797 IMG_0801

IMG_0803 IMG_0804



Until next time, all the best … Deb



Sorry I’ve been gone so long … I let life’s events get in the way.

Due the effect of life’s events, I haven’t been painting lately, but here are some of the paintings I have done this year:

IMG_0488 IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0496

From left to right:

Yellow Roses Collage (hasn’t yet been in an art exhibit)

Black, White & Gray Abstract (shown at Raymond James, Newtown, PA)

Cruciform Collage (same show)

Fanciful Rooster (same show)

I did these with acrylic paint and some have embellishments, hence the name collage. I used to put watermarks on all of my pics, but my signature is on them so that is good enough for my blog.

I hope you like them. Any question, you know where to find me!

Best to all … Deb


Fun Projects

Every now and then I get the urge to make something from pieces of stuff that I save rather than throw out, otherwise known as recycling or upcycling.

I used an old hand masher to make Ms. Potato Masher Head. Her head is made from one of my husband’s socks, hair made with yarn, and other items made with items that you can imagine just by seeing them. It was a silly, fun piece and she sits in my living room on top of a sound system speaker.


The clown’s head, hair, hands, and feet are made from painted air-dry clay; the body from wood pieces; and the rest from various pieces of stuff that I had handy. I can’t even remember the names of some of the things I used. Sorry about the blurry pic!


My 12-year-old neighbor and I made clothes for a couple of Barbies given to me by my niece. This one’s ensemble is created with cloth, gold tissue paper, Washi tape, and a couple of sequins.


So, you see, small or big projects can be made with things that a lot of people usually throw out!

All the best until next time,



Another Miscellaneous Post

I love animals, so I have been getting friendly with the local squirrels. Their antics are so much fun to watch!

We’ve also been getting visits from crows, so they’re part of the scene. Actually, both squirrels and birds like peanuts. The birds will pick up a peanut and fly off with it in its beak.

Above is the subject of a still life sort-of abstract that I’m currently painting … not the books in the background, though.

And, last but not least is a mosaic of rooster that I created. I love roosters, so I have a lot of rooster-related items in my home.

IMG_0580 IMG_0574 IMG_0573 IMG_0373

I hope all of you out there are happy and healthy!

Till next time … Deb


A Miscellaneous Post!

Hello there! I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, so here I am again. I’m in a couple of great art exhibitions right now, so that’s a wonderful thing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What should I show you or write about? Hmmm … I know–I’ll put up some photos and take it from there!

This is a painting that my daughter Erica loved, so I gave it to her. Can you see why I named it Reflections?


Squirrel Easter baskett ArtJournal-UniversalPeace Doodle Art

Above are:

an Easter basket that I left outside for the squirrels (my first), only the birds enjoyed it instead

a collage that I created in my wonderful Ranger art journal, entitled Universal Peace

and a doodle drawing that I did a long time ago; I love doodling!

I am going to do a small still life painting soon, but it will probably be more impressionistic than realistic. At the right time, I will post it.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you are all happy and healthy!