In My Favorite Art Journal

I’m back again after a kind-of long absence. I had a very ill friend who is no longer with us. My attention was mostly on him.

I don’t make a practice of showing my canvases online until after they have been in an exhibition, so I will show you some more two-page spreads from my very favorite Ranger art journal.

I was inspired by flowers when I did this spread. I pasted a couple of items on it, but the rest are my doodles, etc.Flowers journal spread

I like to practice different types of lettering, so I did this one on the alphabet. The designs are actually the word “alphabet” written in different ways and directions and then colored in to look like little abstracts.\Alphabet journal spread

The left page is Love written in different directions and then the open spaces are colored in. I think it looks like a cool abstract.

The right page is Art done in the same fashion. They were fun to do.Love and Art abstracts in journal

Your art journal is a place to experiment, so that’s exactly what I do!

Enjoy the day!

Til next time, take care … Deb




Cat Remembrance Collage

Hi there in blogland!

Well, I finally finished the collage with my friends’ dearly departed cat, Diamond. Here’s me working on it:


… and here’s the finished piece:


I agonized for weeks about how to create a cat that really looks like Diamond, but I finally bit the bullet and started drawing. After I drew it, I colored it lightly with colored pencils to see if it looked like Diamond. I was satisfied that it did, so I then painted over the colored pencil. My friends really love it, which makes me so happy.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying my art journal play!

Hope you’re all doing well … Deb artliness_1335646373_30

Playing in My Art Journal

As I said in my last post, I’ve been playing in my new art journal a lot in between canvases. This journal is great. It’s from the Ranger line of products. This is the large one, but there is also a small one available.

This journalĀ  is great for two-page spreads like the following that I created:


I did these journal pages with gel pens, markers, acrylic paint, and some glued-on papers. It’s really fun, very portable, and a great way to practice.

That’s all I have for now. Take care and be happy!



Hello World!! Happy to be back!

Yes, its’ me back again. I was away for a few months because of the holidays and not being able to get back into my Google blogspot blog, so I thought I’d try the free version of WordPress. It was time for a change anyway!

I’ve mostly been painting canvases lately, but I do other things like collage, playing in my art journal, and mosaics in between canvases. Below is a switchplate cover that I created recently:

Kitchen Switchplate Cover

The painting below was a gift for my brother-in-law, featuring his cats, Sunshine and Sport:


Next up will be a collage with the sweet couple next door’s recently deceased cat, Diamond–as a gift to them. I’ll post it when finished.

You can learn how to draw anything by practicing with a good drawing book (like I did) or, of course, taking an online or in-person class.

Next (I guess) it’s on to the human figure if I can do it half-decently. However, I like abstract, doodle, and zentangle art the best.

I hope to be able to post every week or two. Thanks so much for stopping by!